The Rainforest Medicine Trail



In 1985, Rosita and Greg opened the Rainforest Medicine Trail to help Belizeans and visitors to the country understand more about the value of the rainforest through its wild, useful plants. For the next twenty-two years, they hosted thousands of tourists, scientists and school children who came to learn about the plants of Belize. The RMT featured thirty-five edible, medicinal and useful plants of Belize. The trail ended at the Healer’s Hut, a reproduction of Don Elijio’s healing hut.  The thirty-two acre jungle homestead was named Ix Chel Farm in honor of the Maya Goddess of medicine, the earth, the moon, all bodies of water and fertility.    

In 2003, after twenty years of hosting the RMT, Rosita and Greg sold half of their land to Chaa Creek Lodge next door to Ix Chel Farm. The Medicine Trail was included in that parcel and is now maintained by Chaa Creek Lodge. The original trail, cleared by Rosita and Don Elijio in 1984, is still there and Chaa Creek offers guided tours of the trail twice daily.

After forty-two years of clinical practice with women and children in San Ignacio, Rosita retired in 2010. Now, she spends her time writing and lecturing. She is a regular featured speaker at many herbal and healing conferences around the world.