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A Quest For Treasure

The Quest for the Treasure of the Belize Rainforest is Rosita Arvigo’s magnificent obsession. She believes that if she could locate and train with a natural healer trained in the old ways, she could begin to unlock the knowledge that would help people the world over regain their health. Like most great adventures this is easier said than done and often takes half a lifetime.

Rosita’s healing career began in the USA where she became a Doctor of Naprapathy; this is a science of bodywork similar to Chiropractic manipulation. In the 70’s she went to Mexico and studied with traditional healers and enjoyed learning to work with potters for relaxation. In 1981 she went to Belize, Central America and searched for a “h’men” (one who knows). The h’men is the doctor-priest/priestess who has the ability to heal in both the physical and spiritual realms. After some time of not finding a healing mentor she was almost ready to give up when she met Don Elijio Panti, believed to be the last of the great “h’men” trained in the ancient knowledge.
Rosita is dedicated to the preservation of traditional Maya healing for the benefit of the people of Belize and the world.

Rosita Arvigo, Doctor of Naprapathy, ethnobotanist, spiritual healer, author of six books on traditional healing of Central America, co-founder of The Belize Ethnobotany Project with Dr. Michael Balick of the New York Botanical Garden , international speaker, founder of Ix Chel Tropical Research Centre in Belize, founder of the Rainforest Medicine Trail, Terra Nova Medicinal Plant Reserve, children’s Bush Medicine Summer Camp in Belize, thirteen-year apprentice to the one of the last Maya shamans, Don Elijio Panti, recipient of The Earth Award, 2007, founder of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and courses in Maya Spiritual Healing.

“It is folly to ignore the sacred in life or medicine,” writes Rosita Arvigo. “Skirting the spiritual has had a shattering effect on every dimension of contemporary existence.”

Dr. Arvigo has lived among the Maya in San Ignacio, Belize for the past thirty-five years. For thirteen years she apprenticed to the most famous Maya shaman-healer, Don Elijio Panti, who was born in Peten, Guatemala. Not only has Rosita’s life’s work kept Maya medicine alive, but she has been instrumental in cataloging and preserving thousands of healing plants and trees of Belize through her work with Dr. Michael Balick of The New York Botanical Garden and the Belize Ethnobotany Project which ran from 1987-1996.



Set in the ancient Maya city of Chichen, The Oracle of Ix Chel tells the story of Jada Skirt, an oracle and priestess of the goddess Ix Chel during a critical time in history when the Maya are turning away from peaceful worship of the goddess and embracing the brutal practice of human sacrifice. Jada skirt must set herself against the bloodthirsty priests of the war god in order to save her beloved granddaughter, who is destined to continue her sacred lineage and one day rule Ix Chel’s women’s sanctuary, Cuzamil Island. With the help of her spirit guide, her deep knowledge of rain forest plant lore, and a staunch ally who is her forbidden love, Jada Skirt sets off on a tense adventure that will change the course of Mayan history forever.

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