Videos About Rosita

There are various videos about Rosita and her techniques posted upon the Internet as per below.


Click to watch a shorter version of this 28 minute documentary on Don Elijio Panti and his apprentice, Rosita Arvigo. The full version is available for purchase on the www.arvigotherapy.comwebsite.

Click to watch, “The Eco-Goddess Temple” – (R.T. 31:39) from the Celia Angelique Shofur site.

Click to watch, “IX CHEL FARMS – “A guided tour along the Rainforest Medicine Trail in Belize.” – (R.T. 52 min) Joel Smith

Click to watch, “Introduction to The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy” – (R.T. 10:30) Barbara Loomis

Click to watch, “ interview Dr. Rosita Arigo” – (R.T. 36:47) Ken McCarthy