The Oracle Of Ix Chel



Set in the ancient Maya city of Chichen, The Oracle of Ix Chel tells the story of Jada Skirt, an oracle and priestess of the goddess Ix Chel during a critical time in history when the Maya are turning away from peaceful worship of the goddess and embracing the brutal practice of human sacrifice. Jada skirt must set herself against the bloodthirsty priests of the war god in order to save her beloved granddaughter, who is destined to continue her sacred lineage and one day rule Ix Chel’s women’s sanctuary, Cuzamil Island. With the help of her spirit guide, her deep knowledge of rain forest plant lore, and a staunch ally who is her forbidden love, Jada Skirt sets off on a tense adventure that will change the course of Mayan history forever.

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Another beautiful book from Rosita Arvigo. I was transported to the time of he ancient Maya. I love her vivid descriptions and characters, which come alive on the page.
Tracey Ullman

The Oracle of Ix Chel is a tour de force of narrative history, and insight into a culture and cosmology.
Hope Edelman
Author, Motherless Daughters and The Possibility of Everything

A wonderfully captivating book, filled with alive, complex characters.
Rosemary Gladstar
Author, Planting the Future: Saving Our Medical Herbs

The Oracle of Ix Chel will leave readers waiting impatiently for Book 2.
Pam Montgomery
Author, Partner Earth: A Spiritual Ecology

Arvigo’s remarkable descriptions of rainforest plants and shamanistic ritual adds a beautiful richness to the page-turning plot.
Micheal J. Balick
Phd., Ethnobotanist, The New York Botanical Garden

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