Plantas de Guanajuato


(Plantas Medicinales in Spanish and English)

This volume is bilingual, written in both English and Spanish and contains many detailed illustrations that help identify the various species of useful herbs of the Guanajuato region. All research for the book was based on interviews with twenty-four traditional healers of Guanajuato. Profusely illustrated showing the plants and herbs in drawings by artist, Alfye Rojas.


Sangegrado, Sangre De Drago
– Leatherstem Dragon’s Blood, Jatropha dioica

artist – Alfye Rojas

Juanjuato_plant book

Sabila – Aloe Vera, Aloe vera

artist – Alfye Rojas
Juanjuato_plant book02


Rosita Arvigo, Author and Holly Yasui, Editor