Rainforest Home Remedies


Rainforest Home Remedies:

The Maya way to heal your body and replenish your soul!

A book written by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein, “Rainforest Home Remedies”, was published in 2000. This is a treasure of simple and safe home remedies with ingredients from your kitchen, garden, or local grocery store. Addressing over 50 common ailments, its purpose is not to replace good medical attention from medical practitioners, but rather to put more control and confidence in home remedies for minor or simple complaints. This has been a common practice for centuries all over the world. Our mothers and grandmothers knew how to use herbs and other non-toxic ingredients to prepare cough syrup with no side effects, etc. Many other simple suggestions are included in this book to help people who want choices. To not know you have a choice, is like having no choice! This book was written with the intention of restoring home remedies to their rightful place in the home and bestow confidence in self-help with tried and true information.

An unparalleled resource for head-to-toe healing, this practical guide reveals health secrets from Maya culture. Rosita Arvigo, Director of Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation in Belize, outlines safe and effective natural remedies for everyday physical ailments – such as acne, flu and high blood pressure – as well as for “spiritual illnesses” – life grief, anxiety, and heartbreak. Rosemary, onion, oregano and cabbage leaves are just a few of the easy-to-find ingredients you can use to help heal bladder infections, find relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, or remedy the common cold. More than just an invaluable guide, this book also presents Maya philosophy and the ancient art of Maya healing massage while providing comprehensive guidelines for planting and harvesting your own healing garden.

Rosita and Nadine have collaborated to provide the reader a good, fascinating story with practical information that can enhance the quality of everyday life. More and more women are looking for natural ways to help them through the aging process in a most comfortable way. They will be excited to discover the wealth of excellent suggestions. One example is that most women have been told they need more and more good quality calcium to maintain bone structure. Rosita says Amaranth greens are excellent to eat in soups, salads, made into stir-fry and are full of calcium. Another great source of calcium is sesame seeds — just one teaspoon a day is good. Just chew them well or sprinkle over other foods. Avocados help convert calcium into bone mass, just as vitamin D from sunshine does. This is merely a sample of all the great information you can keep handy for whenever you need it.