Mayan End Date


The Maya End Date

Keynote speech presented by Dr. Arvigo at The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Association Conference at the 2012 Convention in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“Be prayerful, meditative, grateful and loving. Live in a state of grace by forgiving everyone everything, no matter what they’ve done. Be mystical. Contemplate the great mysteries of the universe so that our minds and bodies will attune to the Divine Being and sense the patterns stored in the mind of God. Live daily life as a spiritual exercise. In this way, we will open our consciousness to receive messages from the mind of God to become a greater, unified force for good so that the 6th Sun of the Maya can activate a spiritual revolution.”

December 21, 2012 is the famous “End Date” of the Maya calendar, the last day of a 5125 year period of time that the ancient Maya knew as the 5th Sun which began in 3114 BC. The following day, December 22, 2012 marks the beginning of the 6th sun that will also last for 5125 years and end around 7137. However, intermeshing of our Gregorian calendar with the Maya calendar is skewered by as much as five years. Scientists have determined that there are large discrepancies of time keeping originating from the earliest days of the Western world.

This great End Date may have happened as early as 2007 and may be as late as 2017. In either case, clearly, we are in it. The ancient Maya glyph for the 6th Sun that will dawn in this period means light follows darkness or quiet after a storm. This 5125 year cycle has thirteen four hundred year periods known as baktuns. Each four hundred year cycle is divided into twenty times twenty year cycles known as katuns. The last katun or twenty year period of the 5th Sun began sometime between 1987 and 1992 in our calendar.

The ancient prediction of Maya calendar priests that this 5th Sun will end with hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes has fueled unfounded fears that the entire world will end. Not so, but, indeed, the last decade has carried us into great storms, many devastating earthquakes, at least two tsunamis and shattering hurricanes. In the 8th Century the Maya predicted that the earth’s magnetic poles would shift sometime during this last katun. This shift (which has already occurred )would cause tragic, earth shaking events . During the end of the great cycle, the Maya said, the sun will also alter its axis of rotation when it is hit by a powerful ray from the center of the galaxy causing a giant sun-flare to strike the earth. Sun-flares were greatly feared by the Maya because they heralded eras of tremendous upheaval, monumental changes and human suffering. In 1517, the year of the Spanish Conquest of the Old World, a giant sun flare hit the earth. Along with tragic events, sun flares signal the curtain call for great changes to come in human consciousness that will gladden some and threaten others. A sun flare occurred just before the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

We have entered a time of darkness before light, storm before calm. We have been breaking down old ways and building up new. It was recorded in the ancient codices that in August of 1999 the beginning of the end would come when all of the naked eye planets, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury would be visible from earth in an arc East and West of the moon, a celestial event that occurs once in thousands of years. In Belize, we stood in an open field under the clear night sky to observe this unforgettable phenomenon.

This rare planetary alignment shifted cosmic vibrations on the earth which in turn opened the anteroom of a new era when it will be the darkest time before a new dawn. The End of Times heralds natural tragedies, conflict, war, separatism and collective madness all the while nurturing seeds of great learning to transition from destruction to construction, conflict to co-operation, nationalism to globalism, and intolerance to understanding. The Maya knew that ultimately, everything must evolve towards perfection.

How do we as practitioners of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Maya Spiritual Healing fit into this New Reality and cosmic picture of great changes ? What is our role? We are all midwives of the 6th Sun making a profound difference as one body with one purpose. In 1987 before, perhaps even the beginning of the final katun of the 5th Sun, I was accepted as Don Elijio’s apprentice and the first primicia at Ix Chel Farm was performed by Don Elijio. Since that day the blessings of the Nine Maya Spirits entered our collective lives. Maya Abdominal Massage and Rainforest Remedies both emerged on the scene in 1992, the time of great intensity and the beginning of the shift in consciousness of the final katun of Baktun 13 which began sometime in the 1600’s.

In 2009 we changed our name to Maya Abdominal Therapy. Therapy is a Greek word that means support, caring and service to God. For those who have heard and felt these new spiritual awakenings we have created a safe house, a harbor in the storm. To our doorstep have come frustrated nurses, medical doctors and body workers of all kinds seeking more depth and meaning in t heir work. We have shown them a new path with heart, service and passion that fits in perfectly with the paradigm of the 6th Sun.

Our clients come to us weary and mistrustful of their previous health care under the old paradigm. Within MAT they find holistic care that they intuitively know resonates with their innermost needs of body, mind and soul. We are helping families with fertility challenges to birth a new generation that will be born into this time of light after darkness and calm after the storm. Patriarchy’s time and its negative stranglehold on the consciousness of the planet has finally run out. The old story has broken down. Everywhere people are in search of spirituality, love , good works and a clearly defined path of service. The makers of confusion and fear will have had their day. We will experience a gradual shift leading to more respect for nature, community and spirituality with no religious agenda.

The 6th Sun signals the return of the divine feminine as an archetype. We rescued the Maya goddess, Ix Chel, from dusty corners of history, and our devotion to her is part of the return of the divine feminine that will be a softer way to live together on Gaia. This is the death knoll for patriarchy, aggression and attitudes of fear and shame towards sex. Ix Chel , goddess of sexuality, claimed her power when she ran away from the abusive Sun God to rule her own realm in the night sky as the moon. Be grateful that we have Ix Chel, her myths, her temple, to teach us about the divine feminine, self-empowerment and loving service through healing. Be grateful that she guides and protects us, responds to our prayers and helps us to heal and to be healed. Be grateful that she has revealed the true purpose of her island sanctuary for women on Cozumel Island. In her own way, she has acknowledged our work and pilgrimages to her ancient temples.

We are all dying to one reality and awakening to another. Hatred and fear will morph into love and courage, materialism, or matter that doesn’t matter, will shift to a higher vibration, and chaos will become harmony. Already, we have experienced greater spiritual sensitivity and are learning to use more of our intuition in healing. Inner peace will be easier to attain and we will all learn from the hurts of our own past. We live and breathe now within higher planetary vibrations to build what has been called a “morphogenetic field”, a grid work to be the genesis of changes to come. Don Elijio ‘s advice would be ,” Step by step, day by day and little by little”.

Part of this New Reality is to move from nationalism to planetization. MAT has created an international healing community based on co-operation and a mutual purpose dedicated to the common good. We are teaching each other to transcend separatism as our numbers increase across the globe. One body with one purpose. We are part of the groundwork to accelerate individual and cultural evolution as we move from patriarchy to matriarchy, storm to calm and darkness to light. We take a new approach to education that allows Eros and Logos, masculine and feminine, fact and belief to thrive with respect for the gifts of both. We join the right and left brain, the visible with the invisible, science with nature, fact with faith . As keepers of Maya medicine and the lineage of Don Elijio Panti, a Mopan Maya shaman, we have been true to his teachings.

We are more than a brick on this bridge that spans between the 5th Sun of tribulations and 6th Sun of new hope; we are an entire section. We have brought an ancient medicine to people with science as a foundation. In MAT workshops there is a buffet for scientists, allopathic doctors and a banquet for the mystics and energy healers. Like the ancients, our tools are herbs, massage , baths, prayers, water and ritual. Our faith and prayers to the Nine Maya Spirits are thought forms that serve as blueprints for the Divine Mind to use as a grid work, a platform on which to construct the new reality. We have empowered men and women with self-care to put healing right into their own hands, thus breaking down the old belief that healing can only come from outside ourselves. Women especially have received very poor health care until we acknowledged and spread wide across the planet the wisdom of healers like Elijio Panti . Horetence Robinson, Beatrice Waight and Juana Shish.

All change must start and come from within. There will be intense struggles ahead as we cleanse ourselves of old ideas and patriarchal ways. Every doubt we ever had will surface. Whatever relationship either personal or professional that does not fit this new paradigm will fall of its own accord. Everyone of us is experiencing drastic and dramatic events, all in preparation for a clearing of what does not serve this higher purpose. We have to make changes in our own attitudes to go from destruction to construction, competition to co-operation, ignorance to understanding. Heaven and Hell will manifest together during this last katun of transition. We will all need our One-World, One-Love, One Purpose community of MAT practitioners to be nourished, understood and supported. We must continue to burn our monthly full moon candles and send out prayers to each other that will help the Mind of God to build the future. Every time we sing Tierra Mi Cuerpo, I believe we have lay another brick across this bridge to the New Reality. What other profession allows practitioners to have hundreds of people praying for them at the same time every month?

There are decisions to be made, will we choose heaven or hell, old or new, will we move forward or backward? It will be heaven for those who transcend and hell for those who can’t learn and catch up with the changes. If you have not taken the workshops on Maya Spiritual Healing, you should. Do your part to foster the New Reality. Learn to attune yourself and others to this new paradigm with love, faith, plants, water and prayers.

Be prayerful, meditative, grateful and loving. Live in a state of grace by forgiving everyone everything, no matter what they’ve done. Be mystical. Contemplate the great mysteries of the universe so that our minds and bodies will attune to the Divine Being and sense the patterns stored in the mind of God. Live daily life as a spiritual exercise. In this way, we will open our consciousness to receive messages from the mind of God to become a greater, unified force for good so that the 6th Sun of the Maya can activate a spiritual revolution.